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6 Easy Way to Encourage your Child in Math

Knowing that maths could be very difficult for some children at their early education stage, we, Excellent Education, want to help improve your child’s maths skills in or out the classroom. Here comes 6 easy ways to encourage your child to study better in their math and other subject

1. Let them help you with the cooking and baking Encouraging them to help you with cooking and baking would be highly beneficial to encourage your child's math skills. Get them involved in reading the instructions, following recipes, weighing and measuring out ingredients. This will enable them to become familiar with quantities, fractions, temperatures and cooking units.

2. Get them involved in the food shopping Getting your kids involved in the food-shopping can not only make a ordinary activity fun but they can practice maths at the same time. Encourage them to read food labels, compare brands and prices, budget and find the best deals. This will help your child understand the value of money and learn to understand numbers and prices. Before you know it you might actually be enjoying the food shopping!

3. Play maths games with them at home Making maths fun is the key to improving maths skills and knowledge. There are loads of enjoyable games you can play with your child such as dominoes, chess, cards and memory games. Games like these will test their maths skills without them even realising it. It’s a win win!

If your child uses technology on a regular basis then why not find some maths learning apps. Be sure to check out our recent post that features all the best learning apps for kidshere.

4. Read books that incorporate maths A super easy way to get kids using maths at home is by encouraging them to read books that incorporate maths or logic. For a list of fantastic maths books ranging from addition ,subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, shapes and probability click here.

5. Encourage them to do some maths every day It’s important to encourage your child to do a little bit of maths every day, even if it’s only for 10 minutes. The more they practice, the better they will become. Simple! Quick activities such as problem solving will really get your child thinking and using their mathematics knowledge.

Here are some simple problems that will really give your child’s maths skills a work out!

  • In the car, ask her how long it will take to travel to your destination based on your speed.

  • Whilst in your child’s favourite shop, ask them to calculate the price of a discounted item they want and how long it will take to save up their pocket money to buy it.

Alternatively Sudoku puzzles and math puzzle books can be a challenging but fun way to practice maths during the weekends and holidays.

6. Familiarize yourself with what your child is currently learning

It’s important to understand what area of maths your child is currently learning. Chatting to their teachers and checking their homework diaries is key. As soon as you know what your child is currently learning, it will be easier to adapt maths activities at home.

How can Excellent Education help?

If you find that your child is struggling with maths more than they should be, perhaps getting a private tutor would be beneficial.

Here at Excellent Education we offer an affordable, one-on-one home tutoring service that works perfectly for your child. We provide students with a personalized education that is tailored to suit their abilities, learning style and personality. More importantly we aim to help students grow into independent learners.

Whether you need a tutor for a long term period or just to help get through a tough exam- Excellent Education is here to help your child reach their goals and beyond.

Find out more in www.excellenteducenter.com or contact us at 310-999-1007.

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