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With 2017 coming to an end, I want to acquaint everybody with some important SAT dates to remember for the upcoming year.

What is the SAT?

The SAT is a standardized test widely used to administer college admission. Your score is to allude your competence in school by measuring your knowledge in key subjects like English (Evidence-Based Reading) and Math with an optional essay portion. In easier terms, it is a college entrance exam. The goal is to provide colleges accurate data of the student’s knowledge using something other than your high school GPA. The weight of your SAT score is heavily based in your admission process for it is a common ground between all applicants.

Here are some important dates for the SAT 2018:


March 10, 2018 // February 09, 2018

May 05, 2018 // April 06, 2018

June 02, 2018 // May 03, 2018

August 25, 2018 // TBA

October 06, 2018 // TBA

November 03, 2018 // TBA

December 01, 2018 // TBA

*All SAT scores are subject to be released within 2-3 weeks after the exam date.

You can register for the SAT at https://www.collegeboard.org/?student after making a College Board account and creating your student profile.

The ideal time to take your first SAT is usually in the Winter of your Junior year. Do not hold off on studying/taking this exam! Feel free to ask us any questions/concerns you guys have. The SAT is a vigorous test and students should always feel prepared before walking into the exam.


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