Why Excellent Education (EE)

Excellent Education (EE), specializes in nationwide after-school tutoring, SAT preparation, and college application for K-9 to K-12 students. After-school tutoring service are well designed for K-1 to K-8, with English+ and Math+ Enlighten Courses. These courses stabilize students' fundamental math and English, to build up a brighter academic future.We customize individual tutoring, helping students develop their capability of achieving academic success.

Our instructors have strong belief in the potential of each student, and provide the best efforts to maximize their learning capability. We refine the way they learned. Our tutors foster an encouraging, caring, and friendly environment that helps students thrive and maximize their learning capability.


A better environment would definitely help students concentrate and focus on their works. We try our best to eliminated any other disruption.


A great team to help your students to achieve their success. We are here to help!

Excellence Starts Here.


• Develop students’ English skills, improve their oral English, and expand their vocabulary.

• Motivate students to read, increase their reading speed, and enhance their reading comprehension.


• Develop students‘ logical thinking, critical thinking, math learning capacity, ability to apply scientific method, and increase their calculating speed.

• Consolidate the foundation of students’ math and strengthen their math capability.


For K-1 to K-8

• Ten (10) new words and ten(10) math questions will be added up to daily learning schedule. These words will be tested on weekly schedule. Every month, we highlight students’ outstanding performance, analyze their weakness and strength, and generate a report for parents.

• Customize reading assignments and math exercises based on the students’ English and math skills

• Our tutor will prepare the best test preparation plan to ensure the student keep a good academic standing.


Promote Your Academic performance

Our instructors have strong belief in the potential of each student, and provided the best efforts to maximize their learning capability. We refined the way they learned. Our tutors foster a encouraging, caring, and friendly environment that helps students thrive and learn!


Prepare your test, prepare for the future

Unlike other tutoring knows little about the SAT/ACT System, we mainly focus on SAT/ACT preparation. Universities put heavy consideration on these exam score. Students with great scores reserve much more possibility to get admitted into top university.


Why do I need an Independent Education Consultant?

Recent statistics have found that high school counselors see one student for an average of 38 minutes over the span of 4 years. No wonder so many parents and students are confused about the steps of applying university. Lack of efficient information resources to guide their path to college has blocked many students' bright future. At Excellent Education, we take pride in assisting students succeed.


We break through the barrier towards university.

The road to a great university is extremely difficult. With so many changes to college admissions process, the application process has became confusing for parents and students. 

But no worry, Excellent Education (EE) provides support for students who need pre-professional support in college. We are here to help you every step of the way.


Situation of Diamond Bar High School and Walnut High School

There’re 3,050 students in Diamond Bar High School. The ratio of students per teacher is 29:1, and students per counselor is 329:1. Similar to Diamond Bar High School, Walnut High School has 2,754 students, and the ratio of students per teacher is 22:1, while students per counselor is 306:1.

The statistics show that not all the students are taken good care of by their teachers and counselors. With such little resources, students may struggle a lot at their academic performance. When they have a bad relationship with their teachers, more serious problems may happen. In order to achieve students’ academic success, a professional assistance is needed. 


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